Meet Frank J. Tuma

Frank has been in the information technology field since 1965.. over 30 years, developing business solutions and information systems that can really work for people!

  • Systems Design and Management

  • Systems Consulting

  • Business Planning

  • Marketing and Sales Consulting

I find the management of technology the most fascinating part of this industry. It is never standing still and continues to fascinate me. Providing solutions to business problems is my interest and what I find most rewarding . Exploring new technologies for the benefit of my customers is very exciting.
His success working with people who need a solution to a business problem has been demonstrated over the past 20 years. Experience includes creating one of the largest MLS services in the country (Central Maryland MLS, Inc.), and active involvement with local businesses and associations at the state and national level on various systems and technology committees.
Extensive systems design knowledge with over 30 years in the information technology field.
Systems management experience from design to building an information technology team.
Systems & product marketing experience.
  • Creation of successful business ventures including:
  • Atlantic Systems and Programming (ASAP) a subsidiary of Central Maryland MLS, Inc. offering consulting, training and the sales of hardware and software
  • Value Added Systems and Technology(VAST) : Specializing in systems consulting services including hardware and software sales
Business and technology management including Health Care, Realtor Associations, MLS Services and Marine Services

Working to create a powerful business solution that works for you and your business is my goal.


You can't change the wind.. but you can always adjust your sails...

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