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Down Time Sportfishing Charters
  Maryland Chesapeake Bay

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Down Time Fishing Charters Sport fishing Charters in the Maryland Chesapeake Bay
with Capt. Frank J. Tuma
443-949-8030                              Boat) 443-995-8666
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Trophy Striper Fishing 2010
Fall Fishing 2010
Perch Jerkin' - Family Fishing

Great Memories on the Bay

Easy access from Baltimore, D.C.,  Pennsylvania, Virginia. 
Fishing the Chesapeake Bay areas from Annapolis to Baltimore, Rock Hall, Kent Island and Mid-Bay areas. 
For the best fishing in Maryland! Come and enjoy the day on the Down Time with Capt Frank Tuma.
Gift Certificates Available for that Special Family or Business Occasion.

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Down Time Sportfishing Charters
  Maryland Chesapeake Bay
Down Time Sportfishing Charters
  Maryland Chesapeake BayDown Time Sportfishing Charters
  Maryland Chesapeake Bay

Enjoy light tackle fishing for Rock or Perch to Heavy Trolling for that Trophy Striper with Capt Frank Tuma
Family Cruising, Fishing and Touring the Chesapeake Bay


All charters are scheduled around you!  
It's your boat for the day.
443-949-8030 Boat) 443-995-8666



cownose rayCownose Ray
The cownose ray grows about 3 feet wide and is armed with a venomous tail spine. It feeds along the inshore shelves and shallow bays of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, hunting hardshelled mollusks.
audio Hear the Cownose Ray
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toadfishOyster Toadfish
The oyster toadfish is not just a noisy swimmer, but holds the distinction of having been to space. Members of the species Opsanus tau traveled to the space station for tests. Known for the male's "foghorn" vocalizations, the oyster toadfish lives in the shallows of the Atlantic, from Maine to the West Indies.
audio Hear the Oyster Toadfish
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croakerAtlantic Croaker
The Atlantic croaker is a common fish on the East Coast of the United States, often feeding at the shoreline and migrating to the Gulf of Mexico. Averaging less than a foot long, croakers can be caught by those fishing from land into the Atlantic Ocean surf.
audio Hear the Croaker
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Catch Location
Black Drum
103 lbs., 8 oz
Robert Messik Jr.
Buoy #16
Bluefish 22 lbs. John Davidson 10/18/79 Off Queen Anne Marina
Ronald Raffo 05/31/86 Hackett's Point
Thomas R. Talbott 05/08/91 Chesapeake Beach
44 lbs., 6 oz
Jimmy Lake
Morgantown Beach
Catfish, Channel 29 lbs., 10 oz Kevin Kern 04/26/97 Mattawoman Creek
Chain Pickerel 6lbs., 8 oz James Grant 05/19/65 Susquehanna River
Cobia 97 lbs., 12 oz John Scheifele 09/12/69 Middle Grounds
Crappie 2 lbs., 10 oz Lawrence Rush 04/04/02 Swann Creek
Croaker 6 lbs., 3 oz Rome Tull 07/09/80 Puppy Hole
Flounder 15 lbs. Kenneth Grimes 10/14/78 Buoy #50
Gar       No Current Record. Benchmark for establishing this record is 25 pounds.
Hickory Shad* 4 lbs. John Schaeffer Jr. 07/23/71 Susquehanna River
Largemouth Bass 9 lbs., 1 oz J.D. Noell 09/13/75 Pocomoke River
Norfolk Spot 2 lbs. Parlett Moore 09/05/78 Tangier Sound
Red Drum* 74 lbs., 6 oz Earnest Hutchinson 05/15/77 Tangier Sound
Rock Bass 1 lb Timothy A. Adams 05/04/97 Susquehanna River
Sheepshead 13 lbs.
6 lbs., 5.92 oz
Margaret L. Taylor
Tom Horan
Tangier Sound
Middle Grounds
Smallmouth Bass 6 lbs. Charles Janes 07/23/71 Susquehanna River
Spanish Mackerel 10.99 lbs. George Hemelt 10/02/02 Buoy 83
Spotted Seatrout 16 lbs., 6 oz John Phillips 05/15/77 Roaring Point
Striped Bass 67 lbs., 8 oz Devin Nolan 05/13/95 Bloody Point
Weakfish 16 lbs., 8 oz Wayne Lappe 05/08/79 Nanticoke River
White Perch 2 lbs., 10 oz Sid Stollings 05/18/79 Dundee Creek
White (American) Shad* 8 lbs., 2 oz Vance Carter 05/03/75 Wicomico River
Yellow Perch 2 lbs., 3 oz Niles Pethel 11/21/79 Marsh Creek
** Bold indicates what the Down Time usually fishes for and trying to beat!

*Indicates species is no longer eligible for State record consideration.




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